Hello all ! Now the recess is over ! Everything goes back to normal in September..and sooner or later it will be the autumn..well, is it kinda sad the we gotta accept the summer is over.

Anyway, The NHK World Channel(Official Japanese Broadcasting Corporation) will present you the special programs from tomorrow for the whole month, which are focusing upon the the Northern part of Japan, Tohoku(東北) area.

It has already been more than 4 years since the Horrible East Japan Earthquake, and we are coming alive; been back to normal. With colorful leaves in autumn, winter-snow-white world, festivals, cuisine and so on.. still there are so many attractions here in Tohoku!

Really, it is no big deal if you are in Japan now or overseas; you could watch these through your PC, mobile, or the tablet. Click below for the detail;


We hope you enjoy our tresure land Tohoku!

☆☆☆ Schedule(esp Shonai area around Sakata) ☆☆☆

Date(All in the SEP) / Scheduled Time(GMT+9)/ Title / Contents

3rd, Sep ー 11:30 pm “Journeys in Japan”  Dewa-Sanzan Sacred Mountain -The Worship And The Life At The Deep Inside Of The Mountain

6th- 8:10am 「Go Kitchen Go」 Autumn Cuisine of The Shonai Region.

10th - 11:30pm 「Jouneys in Japan」 Dewa-Aanzan Sacred Mountain ② Shugendo Practice

21st - 9:15am「Insipiring Landscape」Gassan Mountain(Mt. Gassan is registered as the best 100 mountains in Japan)

22nd - 8:30pm 「Insipiring Landscape」 Beautiful Breathtaking Mountains And Its Ranges In Tohoku

23rd - 8:20am 「Four Seasons in Japan」 Asahi-Mountain Ranges

23rd - 3:10am 「Fudoki」Best Juhyo(Soft rimes) In The World.