(Engl @ BTM) 皆さま寒い日が続きますがいかがお過ごしでしょうか、若葉旅館ワカダンナの矢野です!
As a mutual international Internship program b/w York St John University & 山形大学 (Yamagata Univ), and by 公益社団法人 酒田青年会議所, the English student named Gareth Plimmer -san has just started his internship here in Sakata’s Ryokan(Japanese style inn).
Sakata (part of the Yamagata Pref, Tohoku region, facing the Sea of Japan) has inhabitants of ‘round 100.000, so I would say it is a nice cozy town to hang out (although westerly winds and blizzard are a bit hard for him , I know that Gareth-san, can survive because I have experienced stormy wind and weather in isle of an Arran island, U.K. and that was worse than here !) .
Gareth-san has punctuality(as most GB people do) and a diligent attitude, he has already been beloved by locals(including by the mayor of Sakata) so it is a pleasure to have him here. Sakata e Yokoso! (Welcome to Sakata !)